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Translation Services

Translation is not a matter of words only: it is a matter of making intelligible a whole culture” Anthony Burgess

Translations With A Tangible Difference

Whatever language in which the source material is written, and whatever language you need it translated into, Bilingual Solutions can help.

And here’s where we differ from many other translation agencies: we not only get a native speaker to translate, we get another native speaker to proofread the result. We also know everyone on our team, no matter where they may be based in the world - we know their interests and match them to the jobs about which they will feel the most passionate. That's how we get great results. 


It’s all part of a translation service that’s fast, accurate, professional, and human.  

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Specialist Subjects

We offer a range of specialist subject matters, which are all translated by professionals experienced in that area. Our translators understand the technical terms and the subtleties of both the source and the target language.  

We draw on the skills of a tight and talented team of expert translators who will have experience in your business sector or niche. For example: 


• Finance

• Law

• Fashion

• Tourism

• Insurance

• Entertainment

• Wine

• Gastronomy

• Marketing

• Public and press relations

• Sustainable development

• The environment.

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Whether you need a few or a few thousand words translating, contact Bilingual Solutions first. Here are just some ideas of things we can translate for you: 


• Documents

• Website content

• Press releases

• Scripts

• Invitations

• Brochures

• Blogs

• Social media posts

• Letters

• Emails

• Promotional copy

• Audio 

• Video 

• And more…

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Quality Control

Bilingual Solutions guarantees accuracy by using human intelligence… twice! All documents are translated by a human Translator from the source language into their mother-tongue. The translation is then proof-read by a second mother-tongue speaker in order to ensure full quality control. 

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We can translate many combinations of major World and major European languages. However, no matter how rare the language, please do get in touch with your requirements as we may be able to help.

Language Combinations

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