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On a Video Call

Virtual Language Lessons

Learn a language from the comfort of anywhere

For Online Coaching, otherwise known as Virtual Language Lessons, please contact us by email at if you would like to discuss before purchasing. Please state your current level, your objectives, your general availability and which package you would like to purchase.  

We don't just offer virtual language lessons, we also run language events for children and adults; webinars, free language study groups on Facebook, free downloadable content... the list goes on! ​Please follow us on Facebook  or contact us for up to date information on webinars and events. 

Online Class

Please note: 

  • Coaching can take place via Skype, FaceTime or Zoom.

  • A lesson is made up of units. 1 unit = 15 minutes. You may use as many or as few units as you wish for any one lesson. 

  • Each lesson is followed up by email, your online Tutor will email you a FREE personalised progress report, which includes a summary of the lesson with useful vocabulary, relevant bilingualism tips, explanations of any relevant grammar points, a confirmation of the date and time of following lesson as well as a summary of how many units you have used from your current package. 

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