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Corporate Language Lessons

Learn to use a language confidently for business, with the best London-based language teachers. 

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Bilingual Solutions provides bespoke French, German, Spanish and Italian lessons to businesses in London. Lessons are tailored to the specific industry, as well as the language goals outlined by the company.

Language teachers are experienced and qualified and will speak the target language throughout the lessons. They will encourage students to use their language skills from the very start of the course, through interactive methods such as role play and problem-solving activities.

During the course, grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation will be studied to enable students to use the target language independently and correctly in a wide range of situations, especially in the workplace.

Teachers don’t use generic, mass market course books. They use experience and knowledge to create personalised courses, using a range of resources, which specifically address the requirements and level of each group. Prior to commencing a course, the assigned teacher and the company will outline together the exact learning objectives.

Please get in touch to find out more about our courses. 

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