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Interpreting Services

Bilingual Solutions offers interpreting services, adaptable to many multi-lingual situations 

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Consecutive Interpreting

The interpreter orally translates the speaker's message after the speaker has finished or during pauses that the speaker makes. This type of interpreting is typically used for translating speeches orally. If you do require an interpreter for this kind of task, then please bear in mind that you will need to allow longer than double the time it would take without any translation, due to the pauses.

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Liaison Interpreting

The interpreter acts as a go-between, orally translating from one person to another in both languages. This type of interpreting lends itself to business social events and business meetings where two languages are present.

Trade Show Conference
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Hosts and Hostesses

Bilingual Solutions provides bilingual hosts and hostesses for trade fairs and exhibitions.


If you would like to promote your company’s activity at a fair but realise that there may be a language barrier, then contact us for a bilingual host or hostess so that you don’t miss out on valuable business.


Our hosts offer liaison interpreting, but can also be briefed on your products or services so that they can communicate and promote on your behalf if you are busy with other customers.  

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