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Suzanne Ekpenyong - Director of Bilingual Solutions Ltd

Suzanne Ekpenyong 

Founder, Director 

From inspiration... 


The idea for Bilingual Solutions came about primarily through a love of languages and living in different countries. I became passionate about the importance of effective international communication and understanding each other. A lack of communication and understanding can create problems, both in business and personal situations, and ‘language’ expertise is at the heart of solving these problems.

I thrive on successfully solving problems and I love languages, so this inspired me to create Bilingual Solutions, the one-stop service provider for all your language problems that need a Bilingual Solution!


....to action! 


Today Bilingual Solutions is a network of Language Experts who provide Translation, Interpreting, Bespoke Bilingual Solutions and Language Coaching.

We aim to provide you with an accurate, flexible and resourceful service, to assist you and your business in achieving and maintaining success on an international scale.  

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