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Who we are

Suzanne Ekpenyong - Director of Bilingual Solutions Ltd

Suzanne Ekpenyong 

Founder, Director 

Your One-Stop Provider Of Language Solutions 


With so much written content around—both online and offline—communicating effectively across borders is vital in today’s world.


And while opting for an Artificial Intelligence translation service might be tempting, there’s no substitute for the human touch.


Bilingual Solutions is a well-established and respected team of expert linguists. Every team member is hand-picked by us because of their skill, sector experience, and attention to detail.


We all love language, and delight in enabling businesses to communicate with international clients and customers, and in helping individuals learn languages and broaden their communication skills.


Our services have always been provided online, so our language and translation experts are used to working remotely and communicating effectively. And the way we work is designed to provide you with a no-hassle service that gets you results.


We're accurate, flexible and resourceful.

Let us help you communicate with the world. Contact us today

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