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The importance of using human translators in your business

One of the most important communication tools you can have between businesses, countries, and customers is translation. Most of those who are running global businesses require translation tools and a common way to achieve this is with some kind of translation machine or automated tool. The problem with those is that while they can be great for getting the gist of a phrase, they’re not as accurate as other methods (and let’s be honest, sometimes they get it totally wrong, with quite comical results!)

High-Quality Translation

AI (Artificial Intelligence) machine translation is one popular option, but if you consider investing in human translators it is overall a better decision! AI has its place and it is a way to save money and time, but the quality of the translation is not as high as it would be with human translators. Human translators in your business can break down the conversation using the correct terms and phrases; they are sensitive to cultural references and are aware of nuances that a machine is unlikely to pick up. Machine translators analyse what is being said at face value. As the structure of each language is different, machine translation is known to generate incorrect translations. Only a human can translate the subtle differences in language structures.

Embracing Linguistic Culture

Human translators in your business can do more than just translate words. They can translate slang, jokes, wordplay and idioms that are often misunderstood by machine translators. Let’s bear in mind too that these can often vary from one region to another within the same country. A person can find the appropriate equivalent in the target language much more clearly than a machine, which more often than not, would not be a direct translation. Humans are able to be unique and creative when it comes to translating documents and conversations. They have a unique understanding of the ‘poetry’ and intricacies of international communications. A translation that includes cultural awareness will be better received by global clients.

Adding Depth To Translation

It’s only humans that can understand the correct usage of words that are the same in different languages but have different meanings depending on the context. Machines cannot understand the requirements of individual translation projects in the same way a human can. While machines require individual updates, humans can pick up changes and evolutions in language much faster. Human translators in your business can implement the right tone and texture to a translation in a way that machines cannot: they would be hard pushed to convey sarcasm, elation or annoyance, for example.

If you are looking to match company culture in a translated piece of text, then translators in your business must be human. Business communication is delicate sometimes and when you are working with global companies, you need to have a level of sensitivity and respect for different cultures and languages.

If you are looking for translation services, whether your business is big or small, then a human translator is the best way to go. Invest in your translation services, and you can ensure that you get the accuracy you need for your customers.

If you’re ready to invest in a human translator for your business needs, why not get in touch? We offer a range of translation and interpretation services to help, and you’ll find more detailed information on our translation services, here.



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